Khamai (Swadini) Reptile Park

On the the R527 between Hoedspruit and the Strydom Tunnel (direction- Ohrigstad), this centre of excellence for herpetology is well worth a stop. This destination has been a constant in the area since 1984. There are Nile Crocodiles and Water Lizards (Leguaan). There is an amazing display of reptiles and amphibians from the rest of the world, as well as samples of most of the local herpetological "specials".

There may be opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the inhabitants, including various scorpions, Baboon spiders and Puff Adders. It is owned and curated by Donald Strydom, a renowned Black Mamba handler, he also worked with the BBC to develop a specialised tank to enable the filming of some unique footage of the Nile Monitor Lizard (leguaan) in its natural habitat.